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  • Coda Coffee

    Denver, Colorado
  • El Salvador El Naranjo

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: August 2013
Origin: El Naranjo growing region, El Salvador. Price: $12.95/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Crisply deep-toned, sweet with savory hints. Molasses, dark chocolate, pungent pine and cedar, hints of herb. Round, balanced acidity; smooth, lively mouthfeel. Hints of flavor carry into a long, resonant finish.

Notes: This coffee is part of Coda’s Farm2Cup direct trade program. Coda Coffee is a small-batch coffee roaster located in Denver, Colorado, begun by two brothers with a passion for quality coffee and exemplary sustainable practices. Visit www.codacoffee.com or call 877-234-2632 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: hose who enjoy beverages in which natural sweetness is deepened by a discreet savory pungency.


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