Bohemian Blend by Batdorf & Bronson Review |
Roast: Dark Review Date: June 1999
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Probably the smoothest, most seamlessly integrated dark-roast blend in the cupping. Preserves distinct acidy tones, but wraps them in dark-roast character, balancing them richly on the cusp between fruity tart and roasty pungent. Softly sweet in finish, without a trace of charred or burned notes.

Notes: Distinct acidy tones are wrapped in dark-roast character, balanced between fruity tart and roasty pungent. Does the name insinuate that this is a blend as dark as the turtlenecks and eyeliner of urban rebels past? Apparently not. It's named after an opera, La Boheme, and an earlier and more romantic style of rebellion.

Who Should Drink It: Suave bohemians.


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