Brasil Sitio Sao Gabriel by Atomic Coffee Review |
  • Atomic Cafe Coffee Roasters

    Salem, Massachusetts
  • Brasil Sitio Sao Gabriel

Roast: Medium Review Date: July 2013
Origin: Espirito Santo State, southeastern Brazil. Price: $15.99/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Round, gently rich. Fresh-cut cedar, hazelnut, dark chocolate, a hint of orangy citrus in aroma and cup. Delicate, soft acidity; leanish but lively mouthfeel. Sweet chocolate in particular sustains in a quiet but long finish.

Notes: This is a small lot of specially selected Brazil sourced through the distinguished importer Café Imports. Atomic Café is a retail and wholesale coffee roaster on the North Shore of Massachusetts with locations in Beverly and Marblehead, Massachusetts. Visit or call 978-910-0489 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: An outstanding choice for those coffee drinkers who look for a lively and quietly distinctive yet low-acid cup.


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