George Howell Coffees Kangocho Kenya: Coffee Review
Roast: Light Review Date: July 2013
Origin: Nyeri growing region, south-central Kenya. Price: $19.75/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Sweetly bright, gently rich. Green grape, black currant, honey, lilac in aroma and cup. Classically bright acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a long, tartly sweet finish.

Notes: Produced from trees of the admired SL28 and SL34 varieties of Arabica and processed at the Gikanda cooperative mill in Kangocho. George Howell Coffees (previously Terroir Coffee) is a microroaster focusing on elite single-origin coffees. George Howell is one of the world's leading coffee visionaries. His company was a pioneer in the revival of medium roast styles designed to foreground the character of the green coffee. Visit or call 866-444-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who value skillfully light-roasted coffees with richly sweet but uncompromisingly bright acidity supporting a pure and gentle complexity.


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