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  • Armeno Coffee

    Northborough, Massachusetts
  • Jamaica Blue Mtn:Old Tavern #1

Roast: NA Review Date: May 1999
Origin: Jamaica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Close to the great Blue Mountains of the past: balanced, round, very rich, almost bouillon-like, with a slight, spicy effervescence tickling at the heart of the cup. Regrettably, a faint, almost undetectable hardness or storage-related fading shadows the otherwise superb cup.

Notes: Alex Twyman's 100% certified Jamaica Blue Mountain single-estate coffee.. The aroma is intense, nicely balanced between sweet and dry notes. Rich and arresting acidity dominates the first impression, supported by pungent mid-tones. From the 1998/99 crop.

Who Should Drink It: Name-droppers who want a coffee that comes very close to living up to its famous name.


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