Moka by Kaanapali Estate Coffee Review |
  • Kaanapali Estate Coffee

    Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
  • Moka

Roast: NA Review Date: May 1999
Origin: Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: When hot, the cup is light-bodied but smooth, with a touch of levitating floral-toned fruit that turns sweetly chocolate in the finish. As the cup cools the fruit deepens toward wine and even more distinctly chocolate tones.

Notes: The nose is perfectly clean: sweet, light, cocoa-like, the acidity nicely balanced between sweet and dry tones, the body medium to fullish. Kaanapali Coffee produces coffee from four different cultivars of Coffea arabica, and processes them using two different methods (the dry or natural method and the demucilaged or mechanically washed method). The Moka variety, an ancient cultivar from Ye

Who Should Drink It: Coffee adventurers who want an exotic but safe trip. This is a simpler, lighter, brighter, less funky version of the traditional and twistily complex Yemen Mocha cup.


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