Coffee Review - Taiwan Musk Coffee by Shan-Hai-Guan
  • Shan-Hai-Guan Hand-Made Coffee

    Yun-Lin County, Taiwan
  • Taiwan Musk Coffee

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: May 2013
Origin: Yun-Lin County, Taiwan. Price: NT $2700/16 ounces

Blind Assessment: Sweet grain, hazelnut, hints of orange and strawberry in the aroma and, much more intensely, in the cup. Crisp, quietly lively acidity; very lightly creamy mouthfeel. The strawberry and orange notes faintly persist in a clean, straightforward finish.

Notes: This coffee, grown in Taiwan at an altitude of 3,600 feet, was processed adding a civet cat’s enzyme extract during the fermentation stage in an attempt to mimic the cup character of the notorious “kopi luwak,” coffee that is passed through the intestinal tracts of civet cats, aka luwaks. This coffee was grown and specially processed using civet cat enzyme by farmer Chang Jin-Ker. Visit or call +886-5-532-9969 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those in pursuit of the exotic and experimental. Displays some of the orangy nut character of authentic civet-cat coffees. In other respects, a cleanly balanced coffee from an unusual origin.


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