Kona - Honomalino Peaberry by Willoughby's Coffee & Tea Review | CoffeeReview.com
Roast: NA Review Date: May 1999
Origin: Honomalino Estate, Kona, Big Island, Hawaii Price: $9.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: Superb aroma: rich, acidy, alive with nut and vanilla overtones. In the cup less range but still pleasingly high-toned: acidy, buoyant, and bright with hints of flowers and fruit.

Notes: Delicately complex, this breezy Kona that lifts out of the cup and generates visions of languorous Hawaii afternoons. Rich, acidy, buoyant and bright with hints of flowers and fruit. Peaberries occur when the coffee fruit produces a single oval bean rather than two beans with matching flat sides. Peaberries typically display slightly different cup characteristics from normal beans from the same crop. From the 1998/99 crop.

Who Should Drink It: One of those delicately complex, breezy Konas that seems ready to lift right out of the cup and generate hibiscus blossoms on the ficus. Nostalgics should have no problem associating this coffee with languorous Hawaii afternoons.


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