Sulawesi Kalossi DP by Allegro Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Allegro Coffee Roasters

    Boulder, Colorado
  • Sulawesi Kalossi DP

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: April 1999
Origin: Celebes Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Another coffee in which the hard tones characteristic of many traditionally processed Indonesian coffees are precariously mellowed by an ingratiating sweetness. The combination of (perhaps musty) sharpness and sweetness hints at chocolate, particularly in the finish.

Notes: As in many traditionally processed Indonesian coffees, hard tones are precariously mellowed by ingratiating sweetness, with hints of chocolate, particularly in the finish. Processed by traditional Indonesian methods. Celebes is the old, Dutch name for the island of Sulawesi and Kalossi the Dutch name for the region the Indonesians now call Toraja.

Who Should Drink It: A good choice for those whose taste in Indonesias leans toward the hard rather than soft. Mine doesn't, hence the lukewarm rating.


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