Coffee Review - Brazil Fazenda Floresta by Salt Spring Coffee
  • Salt Spring Coffee

    Salt Spring Island, British Colombia, Canada
  • Brazil Fazenda Floresta

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: April 2012
Origin: Chapada Diamantina growing region, Bahia State, Brazil. Price: $14.50/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Sweet-toned, balanced, gently opulent. Cherry, almond, honeyish night flowers with a port-wine-like hint in aroma and cup. Soft, round acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Very rich finishing.

Notes: This is a dry-processed or "natural" coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or "washed" coffees. Certified organically grown and biodynamically grown. Salt Spring Roasting Company is an artisan roaster located on an island situated between Victoria and Vancouver in British Colombia, Canada that, according to its well-designed and informative website, is committed to “great coffee that doesn’t compromise the earth.” Visit or call 800-332-8858 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those looking for a juicy, honey-toned morning cup.


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