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  • Allegro Coffee Roasters

    Boulder, Colorado
  • Kenya - Gaturiri AA

Roast: NA Review Date: March 1999
Origin: Kenya Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This Kenya attracted the highest rating achieved by any coffee since Coffee Review began its panel cuppings. Judging from comments alone it would seem that its bright, vibrant acidity powered it to the top, but I suspect that the ultimate reason it prevailed over other samples in the cupping is its deep, echoing dimension. This coffee didn't just tickle or please the palate, it resonated on it like the stroke of a deliciously humming gong. Minority report: Despite the high score, two panelists felt the powerful acidity imbalanced and overly simplified the profile.

Notes: Bright, vibrant acidity and deep, echoing dimension powered this coffee to the highest score ever awarded by our full Cupping Board. This coffee doesn't just tickle the palate, it resonates on it like the stroke of a deliciously humming gong. This coffee This Kenya AA sample is from an auction lot from a single cooperatively owned Kenya mill. This coffee was reviewed as a green coffee, and is offered by this roaster.

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