Coffee Review - 100% Colombia by HealthWise Coffee
  • HealthWise Gourmet Low Acid Coffee

    Deer Park, Illinois
  • 100% Colombia

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 2012
Origin: Colombia Price: $13.50/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Smoky paper was our first descriptor for this coffee; we upgraded to sour wood rounded by a molasses-like sweetness that at least hinted at good things: maple syrup, perhaps, or dark caramel. Sweet but very woody in the finish.

Notes: This coffee was evaluated pre-ground. HealthWise Gourmet Low Acid Coffee employs a proprietary roasting process the company calls TechnoRoasting. HealthWise claims that this roasting process “virtually eliminates all the excess acid and irritants that cause heartburn, without flavor loss and without resorting to steam blasting, which vaporizes some of the flavor elements”. Visit or call 800-984-0000 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Not recommended. Acidity avoiders are better off buying a good conventional dark roast, which should display similarly low acidity along with a bit more flavor.


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