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  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: March 1997
Origin: Ethiopia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Another flower-laced Yirgacheffe, shimmering with rose and lavender notes. Enough acidity to sustain the fruit and flower innuendoes, but rather light-bodied. Some carbon thinness seems to emerge as the coffee cools. Depending on whether you find the very pronounced flower tones a delight or a distraction, this coffee could merit anywhere from an 80 to a 100. I (roughly) split the difference.

Notes: Floral, intense, transporting, as astonishing at first sip as the sudden scent of jasmine at dusk. A touch of richness and power supporting the always remarkable perfumes. Grade Yirgazheffe, Grade 2

Who Should Drink It: In comparison to the Willoughby's Yirgacheffe, this one has even more fragrance and less body, which makes it even more a flower-loving romantic's coffee. Or maybe a cross-over coffee for jasmine tea drinkers, although a Yirgacheffe like this one makes most scented teas seem as contrived as flavored wine coolers.


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