Coffee Review - El Salvador Finca Ayatepeque Pacamara by Topeca Coffee
  • Topéca Coffee

    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • El Salvado Finca Ayatepeque Natural-Processed Pacamara

Roast: Light Review Date: December 2011
Origin: Santa Ana Department, El Salvador. Price: $14.99/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Deep, very complex dried-in-the-fruit profile. Fresh fruit notes – tart coffee fruit, red apple, peach – are enveloped in a honeyish sweetness and deepened by suggestions of brandy, fir and just a hint of freshly fallen, composting leaves. Ripely balanced acidity; impressively syrupy mouthfeel. Clean, flavor-saturated finish.

Notes: This lot is comprised entirely of the Pacamara variety, a cross between the giant-beaned Maragogipe variety and Pacas, a selection of the heirloom Bourbon. "Natural" process means the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after removal of the fruit. Topéca is a family-owned coffeehouse and roastery based in Oklahoma that specializes in coffee from the family’s farms in El Salvador. Visit or call 918-398-8022 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: An impressively clean, fresh-toned version of the big, complex fruit character associated with dried-in-the-fruit coffees. The subtly distinctive and complex Pacamara varietal character doubtless also contributes to this coffee’s distinction.


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