Coffee Review - Organic Ethiopia Gedeo Worka by Olympia Coffee
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting

    Olympia, Washington
  • Organic Ethiopia Gedeo Worka (Natural-Processed)

Roast: Medium Review Date: October 2011
Origin: Yirgacheffe growing region, southern Ethiopia. Price: $15.93/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Rich, minty dark chocolate, plummy fruit, hints of brandy and cedar in aroma and cup. Round, low-toned acidity; impressively syrupy mouthfeel. Richly flavor-saturated but slightly salty/astringent in the finish.

Notes: Certified organically grown. Worka is one of 22 primary cooperatives that fall under the umbrella of the Yirgacheffe Farmers Union located in the Gedeo Zone of southern Ethiopia. This is a dry-processed or "natural" coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or "washed" coffees. Olympia Coffee Roasting is a small-batch wholesale and retail roasting company with a youthful, no-nonsense style and a commitment to high quality organic coffees. Visit or call 360-753-0066 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A style of coffee we used to call “after-dinner,” meaning it embodies an arm-chair-and-brandy sort of richness and authority.


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