Organic Blue de Brasil Estate by Dallis Bros. Coffee Review |
  • Dallis Bros. Coffee

    Ozone Park, NY
  • Organic Blue de Brasil Estate

Roast: Medium Review Date: January 1999
Origin: Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An impressive tribute to the tactile dimension of taste: the body is smooth, buttery, alive yet full. The profile is sweet and deeply dimensioned with a pleasantly spicy tickle at its heart, but remains rather limited in range. The aftertaste reveals the merest hint of hardness.

Notes: A quintessentially full, sweet cup which is smooth, buttery, alive yet full. Profile is sweet and deeply dimensioned, though rather limited in range. Blue de Brasil is grown on two estates at about 3,000 feet. Organic certification is currently provided by two agencies, a Brazilian and a Swiss. The coffee is dry-processed in the traditional Brazil manner. Dallis Bros., established in 1913, is a family

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of a quintessentially full, sweet cup.


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