Euro-Espresso Blend by Coffee Masters Review |
  • Coffee Masters

    Woodstock, Illinois
  • Euro-Espresso Blend

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 1999
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Crisp and toasty nose. In the demitasse heavy though not sharp; some sweetness but little nuance. The heaviness turns smooth in milk, expanding richly, but even there the cup remains austere and rather monolithic.

Notes: Crisp and toasty nose. Heavy, though not sharp, some sweetness but little nuance. Heaviness turns smooth in milk, but remains austere and monolithic. A Brazil-based blend apparently intended as a version of the smooth, round espresso blends favored in Italy. The heaviness in the demitasse suggests that one of the components is a robusta, often added to Italian-style espresso blends to promote body and

Who Should Drink It: Masters milk with weight rather than sharpness, making it a good latte blend for those who take their tall drink without sweeteners.


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