Espresso Review - Guatemala Xeucalvitz Espresso by Coava Coffee
  • Coava Coffee Roasters

    Portland, Oregon
  • Guatemala Xeucalvitz Espresso

Roast: Medium Review Date: July 2011
Origin: El Quiche Department, south central Guatemala Price: $12.00/250 grams (8.8 oz.)

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Complex, crisply sweet aroma deepens and turns bittersweet in the small cup: dark chocolate, pungent, mango-like fruit, orange, smoothing again in a resonant, flavor-saturated finish. Medium body, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Flavor simplifies and fades a bit in milk, though the dark chocolate and tropical fruit character persist.

Notes: Xeucalvitz is one of four mainly indigenous coffee producing communities that form an association called Ixil A’achimbal. The coffee is fermented without water for around twenty hours in wooden boxes covered with banana leaves, washed, and sun-dried on tables and tarps, a local variation on orthodox wet-processing, and one that seems to have a complex and positive impact on cup character. Coava is a Portland based coffee roaster that aims to provide quality coffee and the knowledge needed to properly brew that coffee. Visit or call 503-894-8134 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Distinctive straight-shot espresso, pungently fruit-toned and deep.


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