Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegre by Armeno Coffee Review |
  • Armeno Coffee

    Northborough, Massachusetts
  • Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegre

Roast: Medium Review Date: January 1999
Origin: Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A hard, nasty ferment mars an otherwise sweetly rich profile.

Notes: The Fazenda Vista Alegre estate processes their coffee by allowing it to dry on the tree, the ultimate in dry naturals. However, this is a problem if rain causes mold. A sweetly rich profile is marred by a hard, nasty ferment. Fazenda Vista Alegre was the first Brazilian estate to make inroads into the American specialty scene. It did so by turning Brazil dry-processing into a virtue, promoting its coffees as the ultimate in natural: dried not only in the fruit, but on the tre

Who Should Drink It: This particular Vista Alegre is interesting only as an example of a hard Brazil coffee. I have cupped other Vista Alegre coffees that are free of this fault.


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