Espresso Review - Peru Espresso by Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Intelligentsia Coffee

    Chicago, Illinois
  • Peru Cruz Del Sur

Roast: Medium Review Date: May 2011
Origin: Chirinos, Peru. Price: $18.00/16 ounces

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Although Ken (90) and co-taster Sean Kohmescher (90) produced identical ratings, they read this coffee a bit differently, with Sean emphasizing its brightish citrus and floral tendencies while Ken added dark chocolate and hint of brandy. Sean’s citrus inclined more toward lemon and lime, Ken’s toward a deeper-toned orange. Both read the small cup as medium in weight though slightly lean in mouthfeel, but admired the sample’s performance in two parts milk, finding it smooth, creamy, complex: berry, flowers, lemony cocoa.

Notes: Certified organically grown by the Producer Association of La Palma. Part of its Black Cat Espresso program, this sample was roasted at Intelligentsia’s Los Angeles facility. With operations in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, Intelligentsia is a distinguished specialty roaster and a leader in sourcing and roasting small, exceptional lots of coffee like this one. Visit or call 888-945-9786 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Whether you follow Sean’s or Ken’s reading, a balanced, suave single-shot espresso and a standout in short milk.


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