Coffee Review - Voluptuoso T Disc by Carte Noire Coffee
  • Carte Noire

    Vellzy-Villacoublay, France
  • Voluptuoso Classic (Tassimo T Disc)

Roast: Medium Review Date: April 2011
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $7.99/16 pods

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Tassimo single-serve brewing device to produce a 4-ounce European-style black coffee): Pruny fruit and dark chocolate, with an undercurrent of slightly salty wood. Leanish mouthfeel; gently rich astringency in the dark-chocolaty finish.

Notes: The Tassimo system, with its Bosch-manufactured brewing device and match proprietary T Discs, aims at providing a convenience-first single-serving solution for a variety of beverages, including filter-style coffee, tea, espresso-based beverages and hot chocolate. The Tassimo T Discs incorporate a bar code that instructs the brewing device how to prepare the particular beverage incorporated in the Disc. We accepted the bar code for this beverage, netting a classic 4+-ounce European lungo or long black coffee, topped by a head of blond froth or crema. Tassimo is a division of Kraft Foods, with T Discs currently offered by brands mostly associated with Kraft including Carte Noire. Visit or call 877-834-7271 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Almost voluptuoso. Tassimo owners who favor a smallish European-style cup dominated by a dry, slightly salty chocolate.


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