Folgers Instant Coffee
  • Folgers

    Orrville, Ohio
  • Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Roast: NA Review Date: March 2011
Origin: Not disclosed. Contains coffee of the Robusta species. Price: $5.29/4 oz. instant

Blind Assessment: An anthology of coffee taints. The aroma is dominated by a rotten dried-in-the-fruit Robusta note, though with effort one can find a sort of compost-toned chocolate lurking in it. Negligible acidity of any kind; rather light-bodied. In the cup the rotten compost note is overwhelming, compounded by a salted meat sensation with a hint of sulfur. On top of all of that one can detect a medicinal or phenolic suggestion characteristic of really badly handled dried-in-the-fruit coffees. It all carries into the finish.

Notes: An instant coffee evaluated as mixed in proportions of 2.5 grams to 150 ml or 5 ounces of hot water. Assuming a larger cup size and a more generous 3 grams per serving, this product costs approximately 14 cents per serving. Oddly, in the world of supermarket coffee, “classic” is code for a medium-roasted coffee like this one loaded with poor-quality coffees of the Robusta species. So far we have fallen. Visit for more information. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Students of the sensory macabre.


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