Organic Dominican Republic by Montana Coffee Traders Review |
  • Montana Coffee Traders

    Whitefish, Montana
  • Organic Dominican Republic

Roast: Dark Review Date: November 1998
Origin: Dominican Republic Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Alive with dry nuance and surprise: pruny fruit, crisp chocolate, sweetening slightly toward the finish. As the cup cools the chocolate sharpens a bit toward tobacco and herb. Long, richly dry aftertaste.

Notes: A cigarish sort of coffee: alive with dry nuance but luxurious with pruny fruit and crisp chocolate, and a surprise touch of dessert-like nuance. Produced by the Gajo de Toro Grower Association, a farmers' cooperative. This coffee is both certified organic and officially fair-traded (purchased from the farmer at a guaranteed price fixed by an international fair-trade association). Montana Coffee T

Who Should Drink It: A cigarish sort of coffee: dry but luxurious, with a touch of dessert-like nuance.


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