Coffee Review - Wood Thrush Blend by Birds and Beans Coffee
  • Birds and Beans

    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Wood Thrush Blend

Roast: Medium Review Date: February 2011
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $10.75/12 ouncues

Blind Assessment: Round notes of butter, caramel, molasses and a hint of citrus in the aroma. Silky to lightly syrupy mouthfeel, softly tart acidity. Fruit moves forward in the cup – apricot, a more distinct lemon – with continued suggestions of caramel and molasses. Flavor simplifies a bit in the quiet finish.

Notes: The coffees composing this blend were certified organically grown and certified by the Smithsonian Institution as "Bird Friendly," meaning they were grown inside a forest-like canopy of multi-species trees. This blend is also Fair Trade certified, meaning the constituent coffees were purchased from small-holding farmers at a “fair” or economically sustainable price. Under the motto “Be Certain Buy Certified,” Birds & Beans is a New England-based company focused on ensuring the conservation of migratory bird habitat through the sale of third-party certified coffees. Visit or call 857-233-2722 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A softly pleasing cup to stimulate backyard birding.


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