Coffee Review - Rusty's Natural Yellow Caturra by Simon Hsieh
  • Simon Hsieh's Aroma Roast Coffees

    Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Hawaii Ka'u Rusty's Natural Yellow Caturra

Roast: Medium Review Date: November 2010
Origin: Ka'u growing district, southwestern corner of the "Big Island" of Hawaii. Price: NT$3,000/16 oz.

Blind Assessment: Orange, bittersweet lemon, nut, aromatic wood in aroma and cup, with complicating floral top notes. Balanced, crisp acidity; silky mouthfeel. The citrus notes in particular carry into a rich, sweet finish.

Notes: Ka'u is a newly emerging Hawaii coffee growing district centered thirty miles or so south of the famous Kona region. This is a dried-in-the-fruit or “natural” coffee produced on the farm of Lorie Obra in Ka'u from trees of the yellow caturra variety, a compact growing selection of Bourbon with yellow fruit. In addition to his retail roasting operation, Aroma Roast Coffees, Simon Hsieh also runs Soaring Phoenix Trading, a business focused on purposed-built commercial espresso blends and high quality single-origin coffees. Visit or call 886-0983-749876 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This crisp rather than lush version of the dried-in-the-fruit profile should please those who favor dry but delicate white table wines, for example.


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