Reindeer Blend by Caribou Coffee Review |
  • Caribou Coffee

    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Reindeer Blend

Roast: Dark Review Date: December 1998
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A stark pungency dominates: Sweet and rich in the nose, but hardens uncomfortably in the cup, where the sharpness is softened by the barest hint of shadow sweetness. Suggestions of nut in the aroma and dry fruit in the cup barely escape from under the hand of the roast.

Notes: Rich, round, complete. The aroma displayed an impressive, bittersweet range, prevailing through to the finish. A dark-roast that avoids carbon while maintaining sweetness. Caribou Coffee is a roaster-retailer-café chain headquartered in Minneapolis, known for, among other things, its lively nouveau-Northwoods store design.

Who Should Drink It: The holiday factor:A blunt but forceful coffee that might please those who brew their coffee strong in press pots and douse it with milk and sweetener before taking off to consort with the reindeer. The absence of natural sweetness or wiggle make this a poor choice for those who brew drip and drink black.


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