Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegre by City Bean Coffee Review |
  • City Bean Coffee

    West Hollywood, California
  • Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegre

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: October 1998
Origin: Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Some cups display a muted but disturbingly hard off-taste, probably a fault in the drying. The clean cups are low-key, sweet, with a pleasant, round earthiness and excellent resonance or dimension.

Notes: Not rated due to a taste defect in some of the cups probably due to a fault in drying. The clean cups are low-key, sweet with a pleasant, round earthiness and excellent resonance. Much of Brazilian coffee is dry or "natural" processed, meaning that the freshly picked coffee fruit is put out in the sun to dry with the fruit still clinging to the seeds or beans. Vista Alegre is a large Brazilian fazenda or farm that has refined the d

Who Should Drink It: The best-seller factor:I doubt whether City Bean's customers have made this coffee a best-seller because of taint. Most likely this sample is an unfortunate exception, and the ingratiating sweetness, soft intrigue of the earthy tones, and the romantic story are what elevated this coffee to local favorite.


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