Coffee Review - Costa Rica Helsar by Coava Coffee
  • Coava Coffee Roasters

    Portland, Oregon
  • Costa Rica Helsar

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2010
Origin: West Valley growing region, Costa Rica. Price: $9.50/250 g. (8.8 oz)

Blind Assessment: Very sweet but tartly balanced profile, dominated by a distinctive, deeply floral-saturated cocoa and fragrant sandalwood. Rich, sweet acidity, light but lively mouthfeel. The short finish is rich and complex; flavor fades very slightly in the long.

Notes: Named after the micro-mill Helsar de Zarcero located in the West Valley of Costa Rica, this lot is made up entirely of the Caturra variety of Arabica. Coava is a Portland based coffee roaster that aims to provide quality coffee and the knowledge needed to properly brew that coffee. Visit or call 503-894-8134 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Superb and original profile. Loses just a little in the long finish, but by then who cares.


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