Coffee Review - Italian Blend K-Cup from Timothy's World Coffee
  • Timothy's World Coffee

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Italian Blend (K-Cup)

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: April 2010
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $13.99/24 K-Cups

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Keurig Platinum single-serve home brewing device using a "K-Cup" capsule to produce a 6-ounce serving size): Soft, smoothly simple roasty tones dominate aroma and flavor. Medium to full in body with very little if any acidy character. Slight roughness in the finish.

Notes: Keurig brewing devices were among the first single-serve brewers on the market, starting in the mid 1990's with office models and now offering five home models with names such as Mini, Elite and Platinum. Founded in 1975, Timothy's World Coffee is a Toronto-based, quality-oriented specialty coffee chain. Visit or call 888-937-6278 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Keurig owners who enjoy mild dark roasts.


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