Review of Caffe Pronto Sumatra Lingtong Wahana Estate Coffee
  • Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery

    Annapolis, Maryland
  • Sumatra Lingtong Wahana Estate Natural Processed

Roast: Medium Review Date: April 2010
Origin: Lintong growing district, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Price: $12.00 / 12 oz.

Blind Assessment: Classically sweet-fermented, dried-in-the-fruit profile. Rich, fermenty raisin-toned chocolate in the aroma with aromatic wood and pungent citrus complications. In the cup gently lively acidity, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The ferment shows a rustic sweet apple-cidery character, with hints of fresh flowering grass, molasses and dark chocolate. The chocolate in particular carries into the finish, where the cup finally betrays its sweetness with a faint hint of salty herb.

Notes: Wahana Estate is a relatively new coffee farm in the classic Lintong (spelled here Lingtong; identified on maps as Lintongnihuta) growing district of North Sumatra Province near Lake Toba. It produces coffees processed by three different methods: natural, or dried-in-the-fruit (represented by the sample reviewed here), semi-washed or pulped natural (the skin is removed but the fruit flesh remains on the beans during drying) and the fully washed method (all soft fruit residue is removed from the beans before drying). Caffe Pronto is a cafe-roastery and espresso bar with a mission that emphasizes quality and service. Visit or call 888-697-7667 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A big-fruit coffee of the kind often associated with dried-in-the-fruit coffees from Ethiopia. This version displays a rather fresh, apple-like character.


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