Peaberry - Green by Yauco Selecto Review |
  • Yauco Selecto

    Puerto Rico
  • Peaberry - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Puerto Rico Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Comments on this coffee focused almost exclusively on the issue of roast: This particular sample was roasted considerably darker than the other samples in the cupping. This dark style, atypical for cupping purposes, was deliberate: The very experienced Coffee Review roaster concluded that this coffee came across best at a darker roast. However, six of eight panelists complained that the roast was too dark to permit fair evaluation. For this reason we are not publishing a rating for this coffee. The sample certainly was clean and free of defect. Whether it manifested enough power to stand up to a darker roast is another question.

Notes: This coffee was not rated due to a debate over the darker roast used for the cupping of this coffee. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Yauco Selecto is an estate coffee that has led a revival of the Puerto-Rican fine coffee industry. Peaberries are single, rounded beans that sometimes grow inside the coffee fruit in place of the usual two beans nestled together. Typically peaberries are

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