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  • Old Tavern Estate

    Hardwar Gap, Jamaica
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Jamaica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Judging by their comments, this Old Tavern Jamaica Blue Mountain peaberry was the clear favorite of the majority of the panelists, although they assigned slightly higher numbers for some cupping categories to the regular-bean Old Tavern also reviewed. Descriptions for this peaberry suggest a brightly yet sweetly acidy coffee, with floral high notes, full body, and good dimension. Some reviewers gushed ("Packs a punch! Love it"; "The nicest coffee of this Caribbean cupping. An outstanding flavor"); others simply approved or ho-hummed as they did with all of these coffees. I didn't pick up the hint of storage-related flatness that muted the regular-bean Old Tavern, although some reviewers did, groping to describe it with terms like "faded" and the like. I contributed some help to Alex Twyman, the farmer who developed the Old Tavern coffees, so my own assessment may be suspect, but on the basis of two rounds of rigorously blind cupping I agree strongly with the yea-sayers. I found this a clean, vibrant, subtly complete coffee.

Notes: Old Tavern Estate is allowed to export its coffee in separate lots from other Blue Mountain coffees. This is a brightly yet sweetly acidy coffee, vibrant with floral high notes, full body, and good dimension. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green co For information on Old Tavern Estate, see the note on the preceding coffee. Peaberries are single, rounded beans that sometimes grow inside the coffee fruit in place of the usual two beans nestled together. Typically peaberries are mixed with normal bean

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