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  • Jamaica High Mountain - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Jamaica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Another coffee whose assessment was dominated by roast issues. In this case, seven of eight panelists objected that the sample was roasted a bit too light. However, this complaint was offered as an aside to generally approving appraisals of the coffee itself. A general picture emerges of a well-prepared, clean coffee, sweet and balanced, with hints of fruit and nut. "Aroma of Spanish peanuts carries through to the flavor," concluded one panelist. "Pleasantly focused cup." Given the tone of approval in written comments, I can only assume that this coffee was not rated higher because it lacked power and dimension.

Notes: A well-prepared, clean coffee, sweet and balanced with hints of fruit and nut. Lacked power and dimension. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Baronhall is an estate situated outside the Blue Mountain district of Jamaica. Normally the Jamaica Coffee Industries Board does not allow Jamaica growers to export their coffees as separate lots. Apparently the Board makes an exception for Baronhall.

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