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    Dominican Republic
  • Dominican Republic - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Dominican Republic Price: NA

Blind Assessment: I found this coffee quite impressive when hot, with the sort of resonant dimension and long, gradually sweetening development I admire. However, for me the profile turned a bit grassy and hard as it cooled. The rest of the panel didn't have much to say about this coffee one way or the other. A few complaints surfaced suggesting roughness or hardness; one panelist reported "good intensity/balance, [though] not enough intensity for my taste." It would appear that a lack of character rather than taint or weakness doomed this coffee to a relatively low rating.

Notes: Coffee lacked character, beginning hot with a resonant dimension and long sweetening development, but turned grassy and hard as it cooled. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Grown at 4,000- to 4,500-foot elevations.

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