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    San Rafael, California
  • Panama Esmeralda Special Auction Lot

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: September 2009
Origin: Boquete growing region, western Panama Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A pungent fruit aroma with hints of flowers, cedar and red currant. In the cup, nicely balanced acidity, a lightly syrupy mouthfeel and flavors of peach and lemon that lean toward chocolate. The fruit-toned chocolate grows more distinct and lingers in the finish.

Notes: Coffee from trees of the botanical variety "Gesha" or "Geisha" grown on farmer Price Peterson's Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama has for the last several years consistently broken records paid for a green coffee. With its long, boat-shaped beans and distinctive floral and chocolate cup, the Esmeralda Panama Gesha continues one of the world's most unique coffees. This lot is described as Mario Pascua. "Mario" refers to the area of the farm in which the coffee was grown, and "Pascua" to the time of year when this lot was harvested: April, the month of Easter or Pascua, relatively late in the harvest. Founded in 1995, Equator Estate Coffees & Teas is a women-owned wholesale coffee roasting company with web based retail. Equator focuses on sustainability in coffee sourcing and business practices. Like all Esmeraldas, it is expensive: in this case $26.95 per 8-ounce bag. Visit or call 800-809-7687 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A pungent and forceful version of one of the world's greatest coffees.


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