Costa Rican La Minita by The Coffee Beanery Review |
  • The Coffee Beanery

    Flushing, Michigan
  • Costa Rican La Minita

Roast: Medium Review Date: June 1998
Origin: Costa Rica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Balanced, refined, exquisitely complete, though a bit underpowered. Mild pungent tones are softened and rounded by sweetness. Clean yet resonant straight through to aftertaste.

Notes: A medium-bodied, delicate coffee which combines clarity with understated substance. Balanced, refined, exquisitely complete, with mild pungent tones softened by sweetness. La Minita is one of the world's most respected coffee estates.

Who Should Drink It: If La Minita defines classic, then this version of classic is more Ionic than Doric: medium-bodied, on the delicate side of elegant, combining clarity with understated substance.


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