Green Coffee: Kona by Honomalino Estate Review |
  • Honomalino Estate

    Kona, Hawaii
  • Green Coffee: Kona

Roast: NA Review Date: April 1998
Origin: Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Several panelists described distinct wine tones, which seemed to be the main nuance that separated this Kona from the others clustered in the middle of the cupping. Otherwise, the familiar Kona profile emerges: bright yet gentle acidity, medium body, balanced flavor, clean aftertaste. Although one panelist felt the coffee generally left a "thin" impression, no taints or weaknesses were cited. In fact, the words "clean" and "fresh" each came up four times in respect to aftertaste.

Notes: A familiar Kona profile with bright yet gentle acidity, medium body, balanced flavor, finishing with a clean, fresh aftertaste. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Like all Konas, produced from trees of the Guatemala strain of typica and wet-processed. Honomalino Estate is a recently revived farm near the very southernmost end of the Kona growing district.

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