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  • Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa A

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: April 2009
Origin: Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The difference between co-cupper Jennifer Stone?s score of 84 and Ken's 89 depended on how they responded to a shadow fault in an otherwise impressive, complex coffee. The fault emerged as the coffee cooled; Jennifer simply called it an "off" note; Ken described it as vaguely metallic though very faint. Slight fault aside, this is a classic South Pacific profile, gently pungent with aromatic wood and nut notes softened by hints of bananaish fruit and night flowers.

Notes: The coffee was certified organically grown by a cooperative of 2,600 farmers of the Highlands Organic Agricultural Co-operative (HOAC) in the respected Purosa-Okapa region. "A" is the second-highest grade of Papua New Guinea coffee based on bean size and number of visual defects; the highest grade, seldom offered, is "AA." The Supreme Bean is a Los Angeles-area wholesale roaster specializing in high-end roasted-to-order espresso blends and single origins. Visit or call 888-288-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those for whom first impressions are the most lasting.


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