Costa Rica by Great Northern Gourmet Coffees Review |
  • Great Northern Gourmet Coffees

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Costa Rica

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: June 1998
Origin: Costa Rica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The slightly carbony cup seems more heavy than rich until the finish, when a deep-toned, pruny sweetness prevails, enlivened by a touch of spice or sandalwood. Things turn heavy again and a bit astringent in the aftertaste. Complex aroma, solid, buttery body.

Notes: Complex aroma, solid, buttery body seems more heavy than rich until the finish when a pruny sweetness prevails with a touch of spice. The Great Northern Coffee Company is a small wholesale roaster located in the town of Jackson, south of Yellowstone Park.

Who Should Drink It: Perhaps this Costa Rica was not quite distinctive enough to stand up to the aggressive, rather dark roast style. Its substantial body and slightly sweet heaviness make it a good choice for drinking with milk or cream.


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