Organic Ethiopian by Mr. Espresso Review |
  • Mr. Espresso

    Oakland, California
  • Organic Ethiopian

Roast: Medium Review Date: March 2009
Origin: Yirgacheffe growing region, Sidamo Province, southern Ethiopia. Price: $11.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: Citrus and jasmine-like flowers in the aroma with notes of honeyed toast. Balanced acidity, medium body and a gently complex floral character with hints of berry, citrus and lavender. Clean finish with soft hints of nut and milk chocolate developing in the long.

Notes: Ethiopian coffees like this one processed by the wet or washed method (fruit skin and pulp is removed before drying) express floral and citrus notes with particular intensity. Certified organically grown and Fair Trade certified, meaning this coffee was purchased from small-holding farmers at a "fair" or economically sustainable price. Mr. Espresso is a San Francisco Bay Area based wholesale roaster that slow roasts its coffees using traditional oak-fired roasting machines. Visit or call 510-287-5200 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A coffee both pure and complex in character without environmental or social compromise.


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