Espresso á Sante by K & F Select Review |
  • K & F Select

    Portland, Oregon
  • Espresso á Sante

Roast: NA Review Date: May 1998
Origin: Various Price: $12.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: This smooth, understated blend displays an impressive variety of nuance throughout its development, from elusive vanilla-nut tones in the mild aroma through smoky and spicy notes in the cup to a touch of fruit or chocolate in aftertaste. In milk the profile is clean, sweet and balanced.

Notes: An elegant espresso, smooth and understated with an impressive variety of nuance through its development. In milk the profile is clean, sweet and balanced. K & F Select Fine Coffees is a Portland-area wholesale roaster founded in 1983.

Who Should Drink It: To my palate this is one of the few espressos in the tasting that merits the word elegant. Its only real flaw is lack of power. The shifting innuendoes at the top of the profile make it an excellent straight shot.


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