Malabar Gold by Josuma Coffee Company Review |
  • Josuma Coffee Company

    Menlo Park, California
  • Malabar Gold

Roast: NA Review Date: May 1998
Origin: India Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The elegant, sweetly complex nose of this coffee translates disappointingly to the cup, where sharp, rough tones distract from the lingering traces of spice and fruit. The aftertaste is long but rather astringent. Handles milk with authority but without much resonance or complexity. The robustas in the blend contribute a very dense, fine-textured crema in the straight shot.

Notes: The elegant, complex nose of this coffee translate disappointingly to the cup, where sharp, rough tones distract from the spice and fruit. Handles milk with authority. Very dense, fine crema. Josuma is a premier importer of East India coffees to North America. Malabar Gold was born out of Josuma's effort to promote certain India coffees for use in espresso blends, particularly Monsooned Malabar, an exotic arabica coffee that deliberately has

Who Should Drink It: I found myself wondering what betrayed the superb aroma of this coffee, causing it to fade so quickly. I hope a rushed roast and not the effect of the monsooned coffee, since monsooning is one of those quirky coffee traditions that appeals to the romantic in me. Definitely a great coffee for readers of Joseph Conrad with sensitive noses.


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