Nicaraguan Segovia by Organic Coffee Company Review |
  • Organic Coffee Company

    Boulder, Colorado
  • Nicaraguan Segovia

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: November 1997
Origin: Nicaragua Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The high point was the dazzling aroma, full of heady vanilla tones shimmering over a rich pungency. Subsequently, things went downhill. A hardness emerged in the aftertaste, and as the coffee cooled the entire profile stiffened and lost its sweetness. Perhaps the coffee was not sturdy enough to sustain its aromatics in the moderately dark roast style.

Notes: Dazzling aroma, bull of heady vanilla over a rich pungency. However, a hardness emerged in the aftertaste and the entire profile stiffened as it cooled. Certified organically grown. The Organic Coffee Company is a division of Allegro Coffee Comapny.

Who Should Drink It: Environmentalists with very acute noses.


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