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    Acton, Massachusetts
  • Daterra Calabria Style Espresso

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2008
Origin: Cerrado growing region, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Price: $13.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: Sweet-toned, deep, slightly smoky aroma: aromatic wood, a hint of dark chocolate. In the small cup medium-bodied, but the pungent dark chocolate notes amplify and move forward, complicated by aromatic wood, walnut, even licorice. Long, resonant, chocolate-saturated finish. Dominates milk with a smoky heaviness that resolves quickly into a milk-sweetened version of the now familiar dark chocolate note.

Notes: This coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning it was produced following sustainable ecological and socio-economic criteria developed by the Sustainable Agricultural Network, a coalition of independent, environment-focused non-governmental organizations. Daterra is among the world's most technically sophisticated coffee producers, with three model environmentally and socially progressive farms in the admired Cerrado growing region of Brazil. Calabria, a region in the extreme south of Italy, connotes a darker-roasted, pungent style of espresso. This is Terroir's darkest roasted espresso, although by West-Coast American standards it is not at all dark; the chocolaty pungency is created as much by the character of the green coffee as by roast style. Terroir is a microroaster selling only elite single-origin coffees, no blends. It specializes in medium roast styles designed to foreground the character of the green coffee. Terroir is the creation of George Howell, one of the world's leading coffee visionaries. Visit or call 866-444-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Produces a striking single-shot and a tough, dairy-mastering presence for long milk drinks.


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