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    Juneau, Alaska
  • Guatemala, 1998 / 1999

Roast: Dark Review Date: July 1999
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An unusual profile: sweet cedarish tones turn smokily chocolate in the finish. The chocolate sensation is superb: dry yet sweet, crisp and complex, lingering with husky richness in the aftertaste.

Notes: An unusual dark-roast profile with sweet cedar and smoky chocolate, completely free of charred sharpness. A blend of past crop and new crop Guatemalas from two different regions. The unusual character of this Guatemala may owe as much to the tactful handling of the roast as to the coffee itself.

Who Should Drink It: Dark-roast aficionados with subtle palates. The roast character here is gently complex and completely free of charred sharpness. Should make a superb French-press coffee and a rather light-bodied but fragrant straight espresso.


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