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  • Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery

    Annapolis, Maryland
  • Brazil Opus 1 Exotic

Roast: Medium Review Date: April 2008
Origin: Cerrado growing region, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Crisp, cocoaish dark chocolate with nut and floral hints in the aroma. Soft, muted acidity in the cup, medium body, with a very sweet, molasses-toned character balanced by the walnut-like crispness of the pervasive cocoa notes. Continued hints of flowers. Short but nicely flavor saturated finish.

Notes: Produced from a newly developed hybrid variety of tree that produces coffee with about half as much caffeine as is contained in beans from typical varieties of Coffea Arabica (and one-quarter as much as contained in most robusta coffee). This not a genetically engineered variety, by the way, but one developed using the slow, painstaking, traditional procedures of cross-fertilization. Developed by Daterra Coffee in Brazil and grown on Daterra's Fazenda Boa Vista farm. Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning it was produced following sustainable ecological and socio-economic criteria developed by the Sustainable Agricultural Network, a coalition of independent, environment-focused non-governmental organizations. Caffe Pronto is a cafe-roastery and an espresso bar with a mission that emphasizes quality and service. Visit or call 888-697-7667 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: For those who enjoy coffee but find themselves sensitive to some of its properties, this is a genuinely natural low-caffeine and low-acid alternative.


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