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  • Bayview Farms

    Kona, Hawaii
  • Kona Extra Fancy - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: April 1998
Origin: Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The Kona song is the same, but this coffee sang it a little stronger and cleaner. No taints or weaknesses whatsoever were cited for this sample. Characterizations of overall flavor, which with the somewhat lower-rated Konas tended to be evenly divided between naysaying "bland" and yeasaying "balanced," here clearly settled on balanced. Occasional little pleasured exclamations turned up on the cupping forms: "very enjoyable"; "the nutty characteristics remained in the cup from beginning to end."

Notes: A stronger, cleaner Kona, balanced with nutty characteristics. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. A Bayview Farms mill selection. Extra Fancy is the highest grade designation for Hawaiian coffee. Like all Konas, produced from trees of the Guatemala strain of typica and wet-processed.

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