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  • Coffees of the World (Sam's Club)

    San Francisco, California
  • 100% Tanzanian

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: January 2008
Origin: Mt. Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A low-key but still distinctive cup: crisp, lean-bodied, with sweet blackberry, dry blackcurrant and pungently orange, nut and cedar notes. If it were not for a flavor-dampening undercurrent of wood this would be a 90-point coffee.

Notes: At Sam's Club in Northern California, $5.88 per 16-ounce bag whole-bean, or 37 cents per ounce. Sam's Club is a membership-only retailer and wholesaler with more than 580 locations in the United States, over 100 abroad and a robust web presence. For more information, visit www.samsclub.com or www.bayareacoffeeinc.com .

Who Should Drink It: A plausible Kenya-lite for those bargain-hunters who enjoy the pungent dry berry character of good Kenyas but find their often intense acidity too overbearing.


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