Sumatra Blue Lintong "Yiayia" by Berardi's Fresh Roast Review |
  • Berardi's Fresh Roast

    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sumatra Blue Lintong "Yiayia"

Roast: Medium Review Date: March 1998
Origin: Sumatra Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Low-toned, full-bodied, absolutely solid at the center (maybe too), with slight hints of fruit and sweetness at the edges. In other words, a typical Sumatra. Would be a classic Sumatra if there were something more going on inside that center or a little more shimmer or lift around those edges. As it is, substantial, satisfying, but a touch inert.

Notes: A typical Sumatra: low-toned, full-bodied, slight hints of fruit and sweetness, but a touch stolid. Grade 1 beans, processed by traditional Sumatra methods. Lintong is a more limited designation within the larger designation of Mandheling, which includes all of the coffees grown around Lake Toba.

Who Should Drink It: Those who avoid surprises, or who prefer substance over display. People who prefer a light-roasted coffee that maintains the deep body, restrained acidity and solid presence of a good Sumatra.


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