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    Seattle, Washington
  • Ethiopia Aricha Seven

Roast: Medium Review Date: November 2007
Origin: Yirgacheffe growing region, Sidamo Province, southern Ethiopia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Co-cupper Miguel Meza (89) was rather faint in his praise of this coffee, finding a "floral and tropical citrus" character he associates with the more familiar washed or wet-processed Ethiopia profile, with added "chocolate and berry" nuance derived from dry-processing. Ken (91) wrestles with the detail a bit more, admiring a wine or brandy nuance to the chocolate and berry character, which he finds "lush but crisp."

Notes: A dry-processed or "natural" coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or "washed" coffees. Aricha Selection Seven is a specially prepared and selected lot of dry-processed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region exported by S.A. Bagersh and air shipped to the United States by Joseph Brodsky's Ninety Plus Coffee program. Zoka is a leading small-batch roaster specializing in espresso blends and espresso education. Visit or call 206-545-4313 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A quiet version of berries, chocolate and wine, perhaps for those who find extravagance wearing yet purity boring.


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